Susan sent this short bio:

Susan LowenkronAfter graduating from University of Rochester (Eastman School of Music), I went right on to get my Master’s degree in Music History and Performance Practice (i.e. Early Music…Renaissance and forward) in Hartforld, CT at Hartt School of Music, University of Hartford. That field of music, plus Celtic and Eastern European folkdance music have been my focal points ever since (with a brief stint as waitress bookstore and bank associate to help the coffers). I also studied Baroque flute in Belgium for 1/2 a year in 1978.

I’ve taught both at public schools (yes, my 1st job was back in the Sayville School system music department!) and Community Music schools over the years as well as maintaining a private studio, teaching flute, recorders, Irish pennywhistle and Renaissance harp.

The latter is the activity in which I’m still engaged….. hope not to go back to waitressing and as yet, do not see myself retiring anytime soon.

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