Photos and Stories

Dwight Denton writes:

Some of our memories that are no longer here. Some have been replaced, some stand vacant and some are now parking lots. There are so many little strip malls on main street I can’t count them all. Bronco Charlies * J&R Sport Shop * Stucco gas station @ Oak. Boh. Rd. * Oakdale movie * Oakdale Lanes * LaSalle M. A. / St John’s U. with an application pending to sell off most land for condos. * P.J. Grady Chevrolet * Bud’s Gas Station * Dug Out * Peppard & Van Emmerick * Albert’s Lake House * Sportsman Paradise * Friedbergs Bike Shop * Fur Shop * Dairy Barn * Prince Of Peace School / Closed and for sale. * Sewing Mill * Raynor Funeral Parlor ( In town ) Nelson & McCarthy Sinclair * Cy Beebe Mobile * Heinlein Hardware * Charlotte Shop * Ehrenberg’s * A & P *Oysterman’s Bank * Eastern Federal Savings & Loan * National 5 & 10 * Sayville Toys * Greaves * Wahn’s Bakery * Tom’s Deli * Sayville Mens Shop * Lillie Robinson R.E. * Charlie Dickerson R.E. * Ray Smith Auto Repair * Fiala’s Paint Store * H.C. Bohack * Steins Mens Wear * Thornhill’s * BEERS * FRAN’s SWEET SHOPPE * Foster House * Bell Haven Rest Home * Holly Furniture * Eddie’s Tavern * Kelly’s * Town Talk Tavern * North Pole Bar & Grill * Willie Wrights Esso * Garbarino’s * Harry’s Stationary (Bill Pauge’s family)

Judith Levy Leopold writes:

Thanks Dwight for the bittersweet stroll down memory lane.  You brought up so many of the major aspects of our teenage/adult years. Those stores existed because of the need they filled.  There was ONE grocery store. One bank, one hardware store.
I remember driving to Sayville (from Idle Hour)  We spent the day, stopping at Saville Savings and Loan as we entered into town…no computers just our little bank book where the teller would write in our deposit or withdrawal. We always knew exactly how much money we had.  We charged 50cents an hour for babysittting and half of that went into our savings account.  We stopped at Heinleins to pick up seeds for our spring and summer garden,tools,rakes, etc..  We shopped at the A&P (with their wood floors).  We went to Bronco Charlies once a year for a “special occasion”. We went to the movie theater (wasn’t it on Railroad Ave?) for 25 cents a matinee. Don’t ask me how we did it but lunch time we walked from “Old ’88″ to downtown, had lunch, then walked back to school.  I think we were in the 8th grade when they opened the new SHS so we moved over to the ” new junior high school” which was the old high school.  Ladies, how about all those funky b’day corsages of lifesavers, sugar cubes, etc. I wonder what will be on our corsages for our 70th? Scary possibilities come into mind.
I was wondering about the LIRR, with the quaint railroad stations at Oakdale and Sayville (built by Wm K. Vanderbilt).  Is it still running?  That might be a relaxing excursion while checking out the sites as well as seeing the changes.
If we have a sock hop in the gym, maybe we can invite the class of 2013 to join us?   Anybody want to “Twist again”?
Hugs to all!

Don Parsons writes:

My great grandfather, William Bason (Bason the Mason as our family calls him) built most of the stations on the southshore, between Bayshore and Patchogue, along with the old postoffice (across from Sayville Pizza-his stone plaque is still on the front), St Anns Church, and he worked on Roosevelts home in Sagamore Hill, and many of the old estates in Oakdale, which are now colleges.

Kathy Smith writes:

Yes the Sayville Movie Theater is still there but cut up into 4 ( I believe ) theaters, and yes the LIRR is still running  , just went to the city on it to see Jersey Boys ( great show btw ) the stations have been ” preserved ” at both Sayville and Oakdale  and the old Jr. High has been refurbished by the school dist. and now houses classes for Suffolk Comm. College…there is also a brand new ( a few years old ) library on Greene Ave.. not sure what was done with the old one..
FYI  anyone interested in seeing the ” ground zero ” memorial needs to get tickets in advance on the net and pay a $ 25 ” donation “  I believe they do a security check on anyone who’s going..  if you google 9/11 memorial you’ll find the site.

Pat Bryan Behrendt writes:

Frans Sweet Shop after Saturday Football games, all my great friends, some of whom I still see— and, FreezerFreshs at Beers! There are really too many to list.


Upload your photos of our towns, and I’ll add them to this page.  Old stores and restaurants, like Dick’s Hobby Shop, the Pet Shop, Frances’ Sweet Shop, Beers, Steins, Old ’88, Flo’s (in Bayport), etc. would all be appreciated.  Please be sure to provide captions, and identify anyone in those pictures.

Please provide your street address in 1963 in the Comments below, and I’ll add you to the map.